Chemical reactors

Brinox produces reactors, crystallisers, evaporators and other units for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We specialise mainly in stainless steel and special alloys – Hastelloy, Incoloy, etc. 

We like to be flexibe in our approach to reactor desing to help meet specific customer needs while maintaining the required standards for equipment building and other guidelines.

The connection layout and types, specific sealing requirements and the installation of various probes are adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the client. Surfaces finishes can vary in the level of mechanical polishing and can also be electropolished to meet the client requirement. 

We can supply and incorporate various analythical instrumentation, agitators and also provide options for automated dosing / charging of ingredients.

Brinox's own split butterfly valves (OEB-5) can be installed in the most demanding of lines, for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Designs can be provided to meet ATEX / hazardous area requirements by selecting appropriate equipment and materials, and by introducing an inert atmosphere (ATEC testing certification can be provided).


Vacuum paddle dryers

The key advantages of Brinox vacuum paddle dryers:

  • horizontal and vertical designs,
  • drying up to 3mbar absolute pressure.
  • In cases where open handling of the product is required, the drives are separated from the user interface.
  • Integration of Brinox's MHS system (OEB 5). 
  • Surface finishes can vary in the level of mechanical polishing and additional surface treatments to meet the client requirement.
  • Ancillary equipment such as valves, instrumentation, etc. can be incorporated to meet our own or the clients specification.
  • ATEX certified options are available.
Nutsch filter – dryers

The Nutsch filter – Brinox dryer is a multifunctional device that blends the mixture during filtering in a way that allows constant filter cleaning.

Filtering is provided with air overpressure and the use of a vacuum under the filter itself. When the product cake is formed, the cracks are evened out by rotating the mixer in the opposite direction, mixing the cake occasionally, and then filtering continues.

These functions are possible due to:

  • the use of sintered filters
  • the use of a mixer that moves up and down and rotates in both directions
  • heating and cooling jackets to both the mixer and Nutsch filter cover
  • the option of mixing the product

The drying rate increases due to the heated mixer and the use of vacuum, and the unique functionality of washing in place is an advantage that yields exceptional results.

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