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CIP skids

The Brinox CIP skids allow:

  • Automatic operation as each skid has specified optimum cleaning parameters.
  • Modular operation. 
  • The heating is applied in the flow, ensuring economy and flexibility.
  • Phase separation: The CIP system automatically separates the cleaning medium, depending on the medium conductivity.
  • The uniform concentration of washing solutions allows the economic use of the concentrate and prolongs the service live of seals in process systems.
  • Disinfection: system for cold chemical disinfection in the last rinsing water.
Skid for cleaning agent concentrate dosing

Due to technological needs that require a constant availability of CIP skids we ensure a reliable and precise distribution and dosing of concentrates.

The advantages of our skids for cleaning agent concentrate dosing:

  • distribution of concentrates from the concentrate storage into the required vessel into the CIP skid,
  • concentrate dosing directly into the device as assistance to the main cleaning,
  • concentrate storage in separate rooms depending on safety regulations.
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Mlekarna Škofja Loka
Sarajevksa pivara
Grupacija Imlek
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Heineken pivovarna Laško
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