Process systems
Solid forms

In addition to the design of process systems in a production of tablets, granules and capsules, we design and produce:

  • special applications regarding containment and/or ATEX requirements,
  • repeatability of processes with a special formulation system,
  • SCADA and connection with MES systems,
  • integration of partner equipment.
Semi-solid forms

When planning process systems for the production of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms, such as ointments, gels, emulsions and creams, we include state-of-the-art approaches for the dispersion and dissolution of active ingredients to achieve a shorter dispersion time. 

Modern devices that fulfil GMP requirements are automated for production, cleaning and sanitisation.

Liquid forms

We have extensive experience in the field of process systems for the production of liquid pharmaceutical substances, focusing on parenteral products, solutions, suspensions and syrups. 

We specialise in systems for metering/dosing, filtering, mixing/blending, heating, cooling, vacuumising and liquid transfer.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

With our modern engineering approach and the use of quality materials we produce equipment for:   

  • storage and dosing of organic solvents,
  • material handling system using OEB 1–5,
  • final operations,
  • chemical reactions,
  • fermentations,
  • preparation and distribution of clean media,
  • cleaning.

Together with our partners we plan, build and install all types of utilities: 

  • clean media,
  • solvent distribution,
  • detergent distribution,
  • technological tempering.
Material Handling System

We integrate process equipment for transferring powder materials from one device to another (OEB 1–5) using original solutions. We are experts for planning, manufacturing, installing, automating and qualifying systems for dosing, mixing, weighing, transferring and storing:

  • docking stations,
  • flap and conical valves,
  • split butterfly valves (SBV),
  • containers.
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