Many years of experience provide a solid basis for the development and production of automated cleaning systems that are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards and requirements of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Brinox provides GMP cleaning and cleaning for all types of equipment.

For parts and equipment that can not be cleaned in place, Brinox produces cleaning systems for off-line cleaning and drying.

Cleaning systems

Based on cGMP, FDA and GAMP guidelines and recommendations we develop and improve cleaning systems distinguished by high-quality production and solutions, and especially the efficient consumption of water, detergents and other energy products.

CIP skids

The Brinox CIP skids are automated and allow an optimal use of the washing time and detergent use while ensuring the best cleaning results.
A combination of sterilisation and drying (CIP/SIP/DIP) is possible too.

They are designed in line with the requirement for repeatability and the possibility of cleaning validation.

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