Preparation of solutions and suspensions

Our solutions for the preparation of solutions and suspensions:

  • a special in-line dosing system,
  • flexible connections of reactor and mixing vessels to the pipe systems or other reactor vessels,
  • use of organic solvents or only water,
  • mobile vessels, 
  • integrated stirrers depending on the client’s requirements, 
  • possible connection to a central CIP and DIP skid,
  • possible connection to a cooling/heating unit.

Our solutions comply with customer requirements and provide flexible production. 

Granulation, drying and coating

The drying, granulation and coating systems allows:

  • batch sizes from 10 to 600 L, 
  • the execution of all three operations with a single system,
  • a homogeneous distribution of particles,  
  • influencing the coating quality, 
  • a shorter process time, 
  • fully automated operation supervision functions,
  • automated cleaning of the system (CIP),
  • explosion safety (due to the innovative seal the system can withstand pressure up to 12 bar),
  • leakage-proof operation during the process decreases the operator’s exposure.

The system is made from AISI316L stainless steel and equipped with standard measuring instruments and other automation components. 


The formulations of solid products are always connected with the selection of various substances and the active ingredient and their and mixing. The size, form and other characteristics of powder particles are crucial for the mixing (blending) process. 

Using the Brinox mixers and containers (IBC) we achieve results that comply with clients’ requirements.

We assure:

  • the safe addition of additives to ensure the prescribed OEB and explosion safety (with Brinox MHS systems),
  • IBCs from our own production that allow us to adapt to the client’s requirements and introduce the required blending,
  • the production of mixers adapted to the client's requirements.


The integration of the sizing system into the material handling system (MHS) is part of the expertise that assures a high productivity and constant quality to the end user.

This system may also include:

  • material handling system (MHS - OEB 1–5),
  • cleaning and drying in place (CIP / DIP),
  • cleaning system.
Material Handling System (MHS)

Brinox integrates process equipment for transferring powder materials from one device to another (OEB 1–5) using original solutions.

Depending on the design of the pharmaceutical plant, the gravity transfer is carried out on one or multi floors.

This system may also include:

  • cleaning and drying in place (CIP / DIP),
  • cleaning system.
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