We are taking into account wishes and requirements of our clients when we produce washing systems and CIP skids. 

Brinox Cleaning Systems
  • small, medium and large cleaning systems
  • own development of mechanical parts, electronics and software,
  • high-quality manufacturing,
  • innovative solutions that take into account the client’s needs and requirements,
  • economic consumption of water, energy and detergents;
  • repeatable results of cleaning processes,
  • reliable control,
  • comprehensive process documenting,
  • comprehensive range offered: development, building, installation, startup, IQ, OQ, SAT,
  • flexible team ensuring short delivery times.

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Areas of application
  • containers of all types and sizes,
  • stainless steel or plastic barrels,
  • aluminium pallets,
  • format parts of compaction, capsule production, packaging machines and filling lines,
  • weighing tools and devices for weighing rooms,
  • laboratory glass items,
  • flexible hoses,
  •  ...
Large cleaning systems

BWS 1018 / BWS 1318 / BWS 1322 / BWS 1622

We offer systems for cleaning containers, barrels and other items of large sizes:

  • single and multi-chamber machines,
  • various chamber sizes,
  • single or double door machines,
  • machines in pits,
  • machines with additional vessels to prepare water solutions,
  • transport systems to load and unload the machine,
  • solutions for opening covers and flaps on containers.
Smaller cleaning systems

BWS 707 / BWS 910 / BWS 912

Smaller machines are intended to wash smaller washing items, such as the format parts of compacting and other production machines:

  • machines with moving single or double glass doors,
  • media heating using electricity, steam or combined heating,
  • technical room on the left or right side,
  • all models can be built in a higher or longer version,
  • development and production of special inserts.
Process control and documentation
  • process control using PLC S7-1500 and SCADA GE iFix,
  • compliance with 21CFR part 11,
  • SCADA in English or the local language,
  • Audit Trail and electronic signatures,
  • PDBM recipes / reports.


  • qualification documents (Master plan, IQ, OQ, FAT, SAT),
  • user documentation,
  • material and welding documentation.
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