Clean media

The Brinox system for clean media production and distribution is the result of years of experience.

The chemical treatment of systems, the use of the latest welding technologies and the control of welds after welding ensure the high-quality protection of the base material. This consequently minimises the probability that “rouge” will appear.

Our own automation team ensures the measurements with the complete AMS (Alarm Monitoring System) are planned, carefully performed and validated, to assure the quality of clean media at all connections.

Brinox provides:

  • systems for the production and distribution of purified water,
  • systems for the preparation and distribution of WFI,
  • systems for the preparation and distribution of clean steam,
  • systems for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical gasses,
  • systems for the central/local vacuum system.
Solvent distribution

Brinox provides an efficient system that allows to distribute and precisely dose solvents in accordance with recipes, to monitor consumption by working order or cost centres, and easy logistics.

To the satisfaction of our clients we have built many successful applications for distributing ethanol, acetone and other solvents, where the systems are connected to the calculation of possible uncontrolled consumption, which is a special challenge for Brinox.

We assure:

  • the dosing of solvents with mass flow meter,
  • a construction with valves with less than 1.5 D rule ,
  • the use of high-quality seals,
  • the ATEX certification of all systems for solvent storage and distribution.
Detergent distribution

A good solution for the pharmaceutical industry with several CIP skids and cleaning systems is the central storage and distribution of detergents.

Brinox provides an efficient system for precisely dosing detergents to cleaning systems in accordance with recipes, to monitor consumption by work order or cost centre, and easy logistics.

The detergent storage and distribution system is built in such a way as to provide the distribution installations for each CIP skid or cleaning system.

Seperate pumps are used for the required dosing. Detergents can be stored in a containers or in separate vessels.

Cooling - heating units

Brinox has developed a closed temperature regulation system for processes where the cooling and heating of process devices is required. 

The cooling - heating unit allows the quick changeover from heating to cooling and vice versa, in temperature regimes from -10 to +120°C.

The precision of the temperature regulation depends on the user requirements and the capacities of the heat transfer equipment.

We ensure an efficient use of energy.

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