About us

Brinox Process Systems: Turnkey Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, Brinox delivers all types of upstream and downstream process systems, and GMP-compliant washers, for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors. We offer an end-to-end lifecycle service—spanning R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, qualification/validation, and after-sales support. Our quality, efficiency and flexibility are unmatched - thanks to highly vertically integrated manufacturing, incl. in-house vessel production.

Our workforce of over 400 dedicated specialists relentlessly focuses on enhancing our proven solutions. With over 150 in-house engineers, Brinox deploys intelligent system designs with outstanding agility. Our collective mind is on “Safety first, quality always and delivery as promised”.

Brinox’ global headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland. Our engineering and production hub is situated in Sora, Slovenia, a European Union country. We have a local team in Offenburg, Germany.

Brinox USA, Inc.’s headquarters is in Charlotte, NC.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is based on developing long-term and strong partnerships. We will become one of the leading providers of technological solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries in Europe by 2025.

We are top experts with many years of experience and a wide range of knowledge, which gives us a competitive advantage and provides a guarantee that we can supply local and global partners the services of the highest quality.

As an innovative, commercially successful, market-oriented and financially stable company, we meet the expectations of owners, business partners, employees and the environment by successfully solving the technological challenges of the future.

Our Values

At Brinox, we are guided by a set of core values. They shape our culture, influence our decisions, and enable us to achieve our mission. Here is what stands at the heart of everything we do:
    Quality > Accuracy, expertise and reliability
    Innovation > Curiosity, excitement and sense of initiative
    Flexibility > Responsiveness, teamwork and multitasking
    Reliability > Fairness, respect, commitment and loyalty 

Our Impact

We are united in our commitment to societal well-being, environmental sustainability, and to the safety and health of patients who rely on medications. Our cutting-edge process systems are instrumental in the production of often groundbreaking active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Brinox is fully dedicated to environmental stewardship. We’re using mostly carbon-free electric power and heat our main facilities with locally sourced wood chips. All wastewater passes through our own on-site treatment plant. We work with 80% of our largest suppliers and make them part of our sustainability approach. Our latest facilities use geothermal heating and cooling, solar power, and provide numerous EV charging stations. 

Guaranteed reputation and quality assurance

When developing process solutions, we use cutting-edge scientific approaches and cooperate with recognised domestic and foreign research institutions.

We constantly monitor the efficiency of the quality management system, and with preventive measures we continue improving our operations.

In order to avoid any mistakes and in the interest of mutual satisfaction we test our products in three phases. The first time by ourselves, the second time upon acceptance by the customer and the third time in the field at start-up.

Together with the customer, we go all the way when designing an innovative and efficient process solution.

Quality management

Care for quality and its continuous improvement are among the most important principles in Brinox.

Ensuring quality and its consistent improvement are the two main guidelines of our company.

We ensure the high-quality operation of the production and implementation of entire projects as well as the safety of employees, environment and information. This is ensured by means of an integrated leadership system.


In a world where speed and flexibility are not just valued but essential, Brinox stands at the forefront of innovation. We understand that our ability to develop and manufacture solutions at the pace the market demands is crucial to the success of our clients.

Brinox has digitalized our business practices and processes, and we continue to evaluate and integrate advanced technology platforms, including AI based ones. This transformation allows us to navigate the complexities of our industry with greater agility, ensuring that we can deliver high-quality, innovative solutions faster than ever before.

Our clients have their own digital platforms. Brinox systems are selected with an emphasis on standard interfaces and broad adaptation in the market. This approach makes it more likely that our systems can connect to efficiently exchange data. Our documentation is always provided in a digital format.

At Brinox, we believe that through digital innovation, we can achieve unprecedented levels of quality, speed, and flexibility in everything we do, setting new standards for our industry.

Join the Brinox team

Do you want to join the best? In Brinox, we believe in the strength of team work, based on which our vision is achievable, since by developing common potentials we create only the best – for both the buyer and the employees. We embed our ambitions and passion into successful projects and build a solid brand with passion, which is also supported by our common values: quality, innovation, adaptability and reliability.

We will treat your application confidentially.

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