We provide fast and efficient unique solutions for the production of pharmaceutical active ingredients with our own resources and partnerships. Depending on the client’s requirements we produce all the main systems for the bioprocessing, isolation and product cleaning:

  • Preparation and storage of media and buffers
  • Bioreactors and process vessels
  • Filtration skids
  • Chromatography
  • Preparation of clean media
  • CIP skid
Chemical reactors

We provide systems for organic syntheses, fermentation and final operations.

We are known for solutions in the field of:

  • storage and dosing of organic solvents,
  • material handling system OEB 1–5,
  • process vessel production, 
  • equipment for final operations,
  • production and distribution of clean utilities,
  • cleaning.
Paddle vacuum dryers

The key advantages of paddle vacuum dryers are:

  • horizontal or vertical construction,
  • drying up to 3 mbar absolute pressure,
  • the unique cleaning in place is a key advantage,
  • mechanical finish of all contact and sealing surfaces, sealing without blind spots,
  • use of valves and measuring and regulation equipment in line with the client’s standards or following our recommendation,
  • obtaining ATEX certification.

In case of an open handling of the product, the dryer is constructed according to GMP in such a way that the part is separated from the open product. By implementing Brinox MHS OEB 5 is reached.

Filter nutche - dryers

A Brinox filter nutche - dryer is a multi-function device that mixes the slurry in such a way as to constantly clean the filter.

The filtering uses air overpressure above the slurry and vacuum under the filter. When a cake forms, the cracks are smoothed by rotating the stirrer in the opposite direction, and the cake is mixed occasionally, after which the filtering continues.

These functions are enabled by means of:

  • the use of sintered filters,
  • the use of a stirrer that moves up and down and rotates in both directions,
  • a heated and cooled sleeve,
  • a stirrer and cover of the filter nutche,
  • the option to mix the product.

The drying speed increases due to the heated stirrer and the use of vacuum, and the unique cleaning in place is an advantage that provides extraordinary results.

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