Food and beverage

Our product range comprises units of various capacities and designs, intended for dosing fruit pastes into white mass.

The preparation of the dosing units comprises of:

  • measurement and control of the flow of both components
  • following the recipes
  • a high level of hygiene, including sterilisation of flexible connections
  • control of the flow of fruit paste and automatic flow to another container
  • a communication link to systems preceding and following the unit
  • washing with CIP procedures
  • automation according to the level of automation at the facility
Frutarom Etol
Heineken pivovarna Union
Grupacija Imlek
Heineken pivovarna Laško
Mlekarna Škofja Loka
Coca-Cola HBC
Sarajevksa pivara
Nektar Natura
Pomurske mlekarne
Mlekarna Celeia
Mlekarna Planika
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