Food and beverage

Our refrigerators are available for all types of systems in the food industry and are adapted to the specific needs of customers.

Brinox refrigerators feature the following benefits:

  • the use of quality equipment,
  • the design meets the standards and requirements of the food industry (control of temperature, flow, pressure, etc.),
  • fully automated process,
  • own team of automation specialists for start-up and further support
  • the level of automation and connection is designed according to customer's wishes
  • archiving critical parameters in accordance with regulations
  • connection of choice – with pipelines and a communication link to other systems in the facility (technological lines and CIP station)
Mlekarna Planika
Pomurske mlekarne
Grupacija Imlek
Nektar Natura
Frutarom Etol
Heineken pivovarna Union
Mlekarna Celeia
Sarajevksa pivara
Mlekarna Škofja Loka
Heineken pivovarna Laško
Coca-Cola HBC
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